Weighted Jump Rope | 50MM OxCord 8.8 lbs. | At Home Workout

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The Oxcord weighted jump rope is a life-changing full body workout that uses a weighted battle rope to build muscleincrease cardio, and burn fatOxcord comes in 2.8, 5.5, and 8.8 lbs! Due to its added weight, the rope is able to initiate muscle growth while simultaneously increasing your heart rate. It is the perfect addition to your work-out routine, and can be done anywhere... from the gym to your apartment. No excuses. Here are some of our favorite workouts: 

All Oxcord's are 3 meters long, great for people from 5 foot 4 inches to 6 foot 5 inches. There are 3 different sizes, light, medium, and heavy. The light is great for cardio and high calorie burn, while the heavy is great for building muscle! The medium is a combination of both. The lighter variant is 2.8 Lbs, the medium variant is 5.5 Lbs, and the heavy variant is 8.8 Lbs.

Using just Oxcord you can reach all your fitness goals. Here is why! 

1- A Full Body Workout Wherever You Go

No matter where you are in your workout journey, the Oxcord will give you a killer full-body workout, anywhere.

2- You Burn More Calories

Double your calorie burn! Using Oxcord can allow you to burn nearly twice the number of calories as other cardio training exercises.  

3- Great Muscle Engagement

Its simple, increase resistance equals increased muscle engagement and growth. After an intense 20 minute workout with Oxcord, you'll feel like you just completed a full-body training session.  

4- It's Fun And Versatile

With Oxcord, you'll have an unlimited number of training options. Not only is it awesome for cardio and HIIT, but our ropes are also great for strength, endurance, and performance training. 

Warmup and & Cool Down: Oxcord is great to use to warm up and cool down from any exercise. 

Indoors & Outdoors: Oxcord is convenient and portable, but also more durable outdoors than normal ropes because of its nylon sheath. That means you can take your training anywhere. 

Cross-Training: Oxcord can be mixed with other training tools to help you improve coordination, speed, endurance, and strength. 

Varying Intensity Levels: Varying rope thicknesses and weights allow you to go from a slow and heavy workout to a light and quick one in seconds. 

Unlimited Workout Combos: Keep your mind and body sharp with an infinite number of jump rope skills and circuits. You'll never have to do the same workout twice. 

There's only one person who can improve your health, burn calories, and change your physique, and that's you.